Now Is The Time To Think About Your Personal Brand


Do you often feel like you are the world’s best kept secret?


We live in a fast paced world. We face competition for jobs, promotions, even finding a life partner. It is hard to stand out and differentiate ourselves in time poor society. With a multitude of online and offline platforms, how do we communicate who we really are and what we have to give? What do you want people to associate with you when they hear your name?


How do we visibly present ourselves in an authentic, confident and credible way?


Through successful personal branding.


Now the phrase personal branding can sometimes sound cold in the embodiment of a self-obsessed digital ‘me’ generation. But it’s not. It is about identifying what makes you unique, communicating your true value and demonstrating what you’ve got to give the wider world.


What is it you bring to the world that makes you a remarkable one of a kind? Everyone of us is extraordinary and amazing with unique qualities to contribute to the world. How do you communicate your unique expertise and experience along with the qualities and values you want to be known for?


Herein lies the problem. We live in fast paced world, we are visually judged by others within a few seconds of meeting. The opportunity to display our innermost qualities are left without a voice – quite literally. We often don’t even have an opportunity to speak.


One of the quickest and easiest ways to present a snapshot of ourselves projecting our inner confidence and our outer ‘brand’ is through our personal presentation. Life is full of choices. Many out of our control. But what is one thing we can choose each day that brings us closer to expressing your personal brand?


The clothes you wear. The wardrobe you keep. Your personal style.


Many clients are confused about what is their personal style. They have an inconsistent wardrobe. A bundle of threads with no consistency and theme.

This is why I’ve created the 3 Steps to Style formula to help you define your personal style and take action to present your personal brand every day.




What three words describe my personality? For example; warm, funny, ambitious, practical, inspiring. This question can be challenging as we may not have thought about describing ourselves before. Why not ask a partner of a friend how they would describe you.




What are three environments I spend most of my time? For example; the office, meeting clients, after work socialising, weekend family time.



Style Personality

What three words describe the style you would like to wear? The style you aspire to express? For example; classic, bold, effortless, polished, feminine. Think about a public figure or celebrity that you admire for the way they present themselves and describe the words that come up for you.


How can I wear?

Bring your words together. Pick one from each step. What is one item from your wardrobe or one item I need to purchase which I can wear now to express my style, my personality and in my daily environment?

For Example;

Classic, ambitious, the office:  Structured tailored blazer

Polished, inspiring, client meeting:  Polished silver necklace

Bold, funny, weekend socialising:  Colourful printed dress


By choosing the style for the environment you are in and expressing your personality through one item, you are taking the first steps to presenting your authentic self. Personal branding is not about self-promotion. It is more about owning and communicating your true value and demonstrating what you’ve got to give the wider world. By choosing to present your brand through your personal image and picking one item from your wardrobe that expresses your style personality, you are a step closer to letting the world know of the best kept secret – you.


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