Beginning my career in television with the ABC at the Press Gallery Parliament House in Canberra, I worked on a number of popular national daily news and current affairs programs before moving to London to work for one of the world's leading investment banks.

As a successful international model, I fronted numerous television commercials, photo shoots, fashion parades and international events in Australia and Europe.

I studied interior styling, professional makeup artistry and personal training before founding my personal branding business.

My varied professional career over 17 years, has influenced who I am today and I am passionate about empowering individuals and organisations become authentic, trusted and persuasive communicators through behaviour, dress, speech and actions.

The Why:

I’m the youngest of eight children and when growing up, I often felt lost in the crowd, not heard, and invisible. This made me feel lonely, confused and I lacked self confidence. I did everything I could to cut through the noise (quite literally), even starting my own in-home radio station, ‘sell-out’ puppet shows and hosting my own tea parties.

I had an endless stream of hand-me-down clothes which meant pairing eclectic combinations to create outfits which I was at the least, happy to leave the house in. However I was desperate to to be able to choose my own new clothes and create my own personal style which represented the true 'me'.

It took time to identify who I was, what I stand for, understand my unique personality and establish my inner essence and how I wanted to present myself to the world.

To make my outside reflect my true inside.

I'm now thrilled to share what I've learnt to help women and men of all ages and backgrounds transform their personal and work life by identifying and communicating their unique essence and personal brand.


Five years ago, I packed up my worldly belongings and sold my car and took off for an one way ticket solo backpacking trip throughout Asia. My goal for the trip was to seek out colour where ever I went. I travelled to remote villages and hill tribes in far north Burma and Vietnam- timing my arrival to immerse myself in the local markets which brought to life vivid colour to which I have never seen. Colour to me is the essence of life and I am passionate about helping women, men and organisations explore the psychology of colour for them, their personal colour palette and present it in a way which communicates strength and confidence.

My favourite quote: "The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most." - John Ruskin.

Fun fact:

I am passionate about my local community and my love of open water swimming. I swim every day (even in winter - without wetsuit!) and plan to complete all of the world's most iconic ocean swimming challenges in coming years.

Annie Sophia

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