Annie Sophia is a passionate and enthusiastic trainer and facilitator. She has assisted companies and their employees connect with others, how to become authentic, trusted and persuasive communicators, through behaviour, dress, speech and actions.


They learn how to identify what makes them unique and how to use their special attributes to better connect with others and become more effective in their work. She has significant experience in design, development and delivery of learning solutions.

The challenge for an organisations going through change is to be able to communicate effectively with its people to achieve an alignment between how they behave in doing their work and how this reflects the values and vision of the organisation.


Business growth is a highly competitive environment and is driven by the complementary products and services to offer in the market and the engagement and commitment of its people. The success is driven in part by the energy and innovation that can be harnessed by the people who know the business best, who identify and mirror what the company stands for and how it treats its customers.


During the past few years, Annie Sophia has developed a number of courses that are complementary or that can be used as the base to develop a specific course tailored to the needs of the organisation. She works closely with the appropriate leaders to incorporate key messages and desired outcomes. Her experience working in culturally diverse and changing work environments has provided a unique perspective regarding human nature, personal image and presentation – and how this plays out in the workplace.

Annie Sophia designs and develops courses topics including:

  • Developing Corporate Presence

  • Aligning a Personal brand to company brand

  • Discovering Style personalities

  • Colour psychology and its impact on communicating with others

  • Communicating through effective body language

  • Creating a Professional Image

  • First impressions with impact

  • Dress Codes

Annie Sophia delivers training in these topics:


  • Developing Self awareness

  • Personality Profiling (Myers Briggs Type Indicator & DISC)

  • Assertive Communication

  • Building rapport

  • Commercial Acumen

  • Communicating Styles

  • Questioning and Listening


  • Presentation Training

  • Content, Structure and Delivery of a Presentation

  • How to Structure a Presentation

  • How to use Storytelling effectively

These topics as well as others in the course can be offered in workshop format or as a one on one if necessary, and of varying duration from as short as two hours to two days.

Speaking & Workshops

Annie is an engaging, interactive and entertaining speaker on the subject of personal presentation, presence and branding.


She is a trusted advisor to organisations and individuals seeking to communicate the importance of personal presentation to reach company, career and life goals.


Presentations and workshops can be tailored for different industries and groups including men and women in leadership, sales teams, human resource professionals and managers.

Topics Include:

  • How To Influence Through Style

  • How To Style Your Personal Brand

  • Create An Image With Impact

You will learn how to:

  • Identify your brand essence

  • Develop your personal presence

  • Establish your style personality

  • How to create consistency

  • Identify your personal colourway

  • Dress like a leader

  • Wear your style personality

Live demos, worksheets and actionable steps can be included in Annie’s presentations so the audience can walk away with the tools to create a memorable image and personal brand.


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